We focus on delivering the highest level of quality healthcare services to the communities around us. No matter where you are, we are just around the corner or a phone call away.

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 From the President

I founded All Med Medical in 1995 during a time when there was a great deal of industry consolidation. Large medical distribution companies were snapping up the strong regional distributors that were focused on service, innovation and partnerships; it was thought that bigger was better. This left a huge hole in the marketplaceone which we were able to capitalize on very quickly.  

Today, All Med Medical is one of the largest independent medical distributors serving post-acute providers throughout the Midwest.


In fact one of our first customers from 1995 is still with us today. We feel we have kept that valuable customer based on our unique ability to take industry trends and turn them into actionable solutions for our customers.

  I still believe it is important that we continue to focus on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction at every level of the transaction.


We deliver all the benefits of a large organization but with the insight, care and commitment only a local community based organization can offer. We really are just around the corner and always one phone call away.



As a local company with national reach, we are looking forward to the next stage of our growth. In addition to our medical supply and Part B Billing offerings  through All Care Billing, we are excited to offer our customers All Med Prism. Prism encompasses many service offerings from automated quality assurance and learning management system to data analytics and revenue enhancement solutions.



As we all enter the new era of healthcare our team is committed to being with you every step of the way.